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17th January 19
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The Lighthouse Centre

The Lighthouse Centre is part of school life


During construction, the children benefitted from observing and experiencing every construction stage and worked with Stobbarts, the contractor, to understand what was happening, contributing their questions and ideas. One special project day the children arrived in role so school was filled with engineers, architects, bank managers, accountants, builders, lorry drivers, Chief Executives and interior designers. The project was always designed to be aspirational and that particular day demonstrated that aspirations were high.


The Lighthouse Centre Project began in July 2010 and was opened in September 2011





The following public, private and volunatry bodies supported this innovative project.

Cumbria County Council £99,998
Britain's Energy Coast  ( formerly WLR) £200,000
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority £495,000
Copeland Borough Council £ 35,000
Copeland Community Fund £250,000
West Cumbria Develepment Fund £100,000
Sellafield Sites Ltd £50,000
Cumbria Waste Management Environmental  Trust £8,000
Haverigg Nursery £1105
CCC Haverigg School Extended Schools £50,000
CCC Haverigg School Targeted Kitchen Fund £25,000
Nuclear Management Partners £50,000
Big Lottery Community Sustainable Eneregy Project £35,000

The Business Plan


The secret to solving the economic challenge to establish funding a new build was in the Business Plan. Funders do not award money to educational organisations believing that this is the government's responsibility. An innovative business solution evolved to 1) establish a new social enterprise catering business to supply school and community healthy food, 2) include sustainable energy to reduce revenue costs where possible which would create income to 3) sustain the upkeep of a building which could offer premises to Haverigg Nursery as an indpendent nursery business.

The Challenge


The rationale for seeking pupose built accomodation for nursery and pre-school childcare was morally and educationally sound but economically challenging. Everyone understood the need for state of the art surroundings for early years education and the importance of the service Haverigg Nursery's childcare provides a community. Without such successful childcare provision parents' ability to work and retrain would be severely restricted. At the time, Haverigg Nursery offered the only full wrap around childcare provision in the area which has expanded and continues today from the Lighthouse Centre.

The Lighthouse Centre Concept


The Lighthouse  Centre has emerged as a direct result of the school's desire to locate the successful village private nursery onto the school campus. Almost ten years ago, the nursery accomodation was not fit for 21st century education and the building was falling apart. The Headteacher and key governors began the journey to seek a solution to improve the educational environment for pre-school children which could impact on children's development before starting main stream school. Haverigg Nursery committee worked closely alongside the school.