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15th December 18
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Ofsted Essentials

KS2 National Curriculum Attainment 2017


Well done to our Year 6 leavers. They all worked so hard and were so very steady and focused throughout their tests; you should all be very proud. We wish you all the very best for Secondary School.

Here are their results:


Achieving National

Standard and above

Achieving Above

National Standard

Reading 77% 27%
Writing 68% 0%
Maths 73% 23%


KS2 National Curriculum Attainment 2016


The first ever year 6 class to take the new, more challenging, KS2 SATs showed us all what a talented and dedicated group they were (we already knew that though). Secondary ready? Absolutely! Well done year 6 - soon to be year 7. We are so proud of you.

Here are their results:

  Achieving national standard and above  Achieving above national standard Average score
Reading 95% 30% 107.1
Writing 85% 5%  
Maths 100% 10% 105.7


KS2 SAT results 2015


What a fabulous and memorable year we have had year 6. Well done on achieveing such a great set of results. You did yourselves and Haverigg Primary School proud. We wish you all the very best for the next chapter in your lives.

Maths:      L4+  88%    and  L5+ 41%

Reading:  L4+  100%  and  L5+  53% 

Writing:    L4+  100%  and  L5+  24%

SPaG:       L4+   94%   and  L5+  41%


School Performance by National Standards


The staff and governors' highest priorities are for the well being and progress made by children during their time at Haverigg Primary School.

Success at reading, writing, maths and science is essential. Skilful teaching, active learning, an effective assessment process and the creative use of technology enhances and underpins progress in these basic skills. Academic success opens up a world of learning and possibilities for each child's future however this is only one part of the learning journey valued at Haverigg.

Staff aim to support children to grow in independence, self esteem, respect and care. Staff teach children the skills of effective learning and develop children's social, thinking and communication skills . Through a dynamic and current curriculum teachers provide a wide range  of relevant, well matched activities and opportunities to develop interests and talents.

It is the broad range of experiences, opportunities and experiences combined with skilful teaching that contributes to the consistently high standards acheived by both boys and girls as they leave for their secondary schools.