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17th January 19
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Fairtrade 2017


This year we embarked upon a fortnight of fairtrade fun culminating in a Fairtrade day where our uniform became more "Fairtrade aware". 171 children dressed in their unique tie dyed T-shirts helped to raise the awareness of the importance of Fairtrade. We were also visited by Charles - a Malawian sugar cane grower - who explained how Fairtrade has helped to improve the lives of the families in his cooperative. It was very humbling and gave us a real insight into how fair prices really do make a massive difference. 

Congratulations Haverigg Fairtrade School!


Thanks to the on-going work in classes as an integral part of the curriculum the children continue to learn about and raise awareness about Fairtrade. The work is appreciated and recognised by the Fairtrade foundation so we were awarded continued status in as a 'Fairtrade School'.

Read the amazingly well written letters by Yerar 4 and 5 advising and persuading people to take just one step for Fairtrade. The whole class set should really be here!

Francis Chisuse visits to talk about Fairtrade in Milawi

Francis Chisuse talked to everyone in school about how tea is produced in Milawi and how Fairtrade makes sure a decent price is paid for the farmer's work and time. Fairtrade makes a difference. Take a step for Fairtrade 2012.
     Fairtrade Chocolate biscuits

Fairtrade School


Haverigg Primary School continues to retain its Fairtrade status. The children have built on the range of activities established across school to promote Fairtrade at home and abroad.

Most notably were the Fairtrade adverts produced by Year 4/5 at the BBC film workshop. The children designed and baked  their own Fairtrade biscuits. Made packaging then scripted the advert to sell their product. They then went on to direct, act, film and edit their adverts. They were expertly thought through and creativley  acted and filmed.

Meanwhile the school promotes Fairtrade when possible. Fairtade products are used in baking and  Fairtrade awareness is raised at every opportunity. Look out for the logo and support Fairtrade.