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17th January 19
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School Ethos and Values


Haverigg Primary School prides itself on building a professional 'family' where everyone feels they belong  and feel able to develop socially and academically,to make friends, explore, work hard, have fun and learn eagerly.


The school provides a safe and vibrant environment where children help and support each other, where mistakes are turned into learning opportunities and children develop tolerance and empathy.


Haverigg Primary School is a place where children are actively enouraged to develop their unique character, to find their personalities, talents and overcome the usual ups and downs of growing up. Haverigg Primary School is where they will learn more about the wonderful world and gather the skills they will need to make the most of exploring what sparks their interests. Above all we hope to inspire children to look beyond the local area and aspire to be the best they can be both academically and personally. 

      The school's vision has remained true since it was agreed almost twenty years ago.


Haverigg Primary School is -  'Educating Our Future'


Educating children for success in life is crucial. Children today will live and work in world that will be very different to the present day. They will need to communicate effectively, be adaptable, confident and self assured to solve ever changing problems and learn new ideas. Above all they need to live alongside each other in peace so they need to show care, empathy and generosity. 

In order to achieve this vision the children, staff, parents and governors contribute their ideas to plan how the school will meet these aims. The current priorities are as follows and drive school improvement decisions. The school revisits its longer term vision every four years. 


Haverigg Primary School aims to:

  • strive for excellence in teaching, learning and achievement
  • support each child to be aware of personal strengths, learn effectively and live happily alongside others and stay safe
  • promote local heritage and community strengths as well as 'travel' far beyond the village to open eyes to the wonder of the world's people, places, religions and cultures.
  • provide inspiring real experiences to develop pupils' enterprise and citizenship skills,  interact closely with the environment and offer broad access to sports and the arts.
  • be open and  transparent so that our community can can see and understand what is happening inside and the school community can see out to the wider world.
  • benefit from working in partnership with the Lighthouse Centre, outside services and schools.

                                                                        School Values


The way we behave is how we show the world how we are feeling and coping with life.  Good behaviour is essential to good learning so the following "Golden Guidlines" have been agreed by children and staff.


Click here to view the Golden Guildlines


Values ( in purple) are Intrinsic to these behaviour expectations. Every adult and child has the right to receive respect as well as the responsibility  to show respect, similarly the right and responsibility to feel safe, to fairness, honesty, forgiveness, generosity and to be an individual in a positive and supportive atmosphere.